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Configuring the device
6.10 Change the communication settings
1. You can clear the required data channel by activating the associated "Enable Channel"
check box in the "Channel 1" or "Channel 2" group.
In the "Channel 1" group, the RS-422/RS-485 port is configured for the serial data
– Select the "Enable Channel" check box to enable the data channel.
– Clear the "Enable Channel" check box to lock the data channel.
Only select the "Remote Control" check box in the "Channel 1" group, if serial transfer is
in progress. Clear the check box before changing to "Online" mode.
2. Enable automatic transfer by activating the respective "Remote Control" check box in the
"Channel 1" or "Channel 2" group.
Unintentional transfer mode
If the HMI is accidentally switched to Transfer mode, unintentional actions can be
triggered in the plant.
Ensure that the configuration PC does not inadvertently switch the HMI device to
transfer mode while the project is in runtime.
3. Select the required protocol for "Channel 2" in the selection box.
Serial transfer mode via channel 2
The bus parameters, for example address of the HMI device, are read out of the project
that is currently running on the HMI device.
You can change the settings for the transfer via channel 2.
The following steps are required:
• Close the project.
• Change the settings on the HMI device.
• Then return to "Transfer" mode.
The next time the project is started on the HMI device, the settings will be overwritten by
the values from the project.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02