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Configuring the device
6.13 Restoring data from external storage device
5. The data to be restored is checked.
The following messages are displayed in sequence in the "Restore" dialog:
– Starting Restore
– Checking data
When the data has been checked, the following message is displayed:
"You are starting RESTORE now. All files (except files on storage cards) and the registry
will be erased. Are you sure?"
The message means that the restore process can be started. All files files except those
located on the external memory will be deleted. Tab entries are also deleted. Are you
6. If you do not want to allow the data to be deleted from the HMI device, abort the restore
process by pressing the "No" button.
7. Start to restore the data by selecting "Yes".
The following messages are displayed in sequence during the restore:
– Deleting files on flash
– Restore CE-Image
A progress bar shows the status of the restore process.
When restore is completed, the following message is displayed:
"Restore of CE Image finished. The device will be rebooted now. Don't remove the
storage card."
8. Acknowledge this message.
The HMI device reboots.
The "Restore" dialog box is displayed after booting. Finally, the following message is
"Restore successfully finished. Press ok, remove your storage card and reboot your
9. Remove the storage device with the data backup.
10. Restart the HMI device.
The data from the external storage device is now on the HMI device.
You may have to recalibrate the touch screen after the restore operation.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02