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Commissioning a project
Configuration phase
A project – the process image of the working process – is produced during configuration to
visualize automated working processes. The process displays for the project contain
displays for values and messages which provide information about process statuses. The
process control phase follows the configuration phase.
Process control phase
The project must be transferred to the HMI device if it is to be used in process control.
Another precondition for process control is that the HMI device is connected online to a
controller. Current working processes - operating and observing - can then be subject to
process control.
Transferring the project to the HMI device
You can transfer a project to an HMI device as follows:
● Transfer from the configuring PC
● Restore from a PC using ProSave
In this case, an archived project is transferred from a PC to the HMI device. The
configuration software need not be installed on this PC.
Commissioning and recommissioning
Initial and re-start-ups differ in the following respects:
● When the HMI device is commissioned there is no project at first.
The HMI device is also in this state after the operating system has been updated.
● When recommissioning, any project already on the HMI device is replaced.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02