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Commissioning a project
7.3 Using existing projects
Using existing projects
WinCC flexible projects
The following table shows how you can reuse existing projects, while observing the screen
HMI device in the existing project
New HMI device
TP 270 10"
MP 277 10" Touch or MP 277 8" Touch
OP 270 10"
MP 277 10" Key
MP 270 6" Touch
TP 277 6" 1)
MP 270 10" Touch
MP 277 10" Touch or MP 277 8" Touch
MP 270 10" Key
MP 277 10" Key
If you have set options on the MP 270 6" Touch, you must use the MP 277 8" Touch as the successor.
The following cases are possible:
1. Project exists in ProTool:
Migrate the project to WinCC flexible and subsequently carry out an HMI device switch.
2. Project in WinCC flexible exists:
Carry out an HMI device switch in WinCC flexible.
Further information on the subject can be found in the WinCC flexible Online Help or in the
"WinCC flexible Migration" manual.
WinCC projects
To use an existing WinCC flexible project in WinCC, migrate the project to WinCC.
You can find more information on this topic in the WinCC online help.
MP 277
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