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Commissioning a project
7.5 Transfer project to the HMI device
Requirement for online testing
● The project has been transferred to the HMI device.
● The HMI device is in "Online" mode.
In "Online" mode, you can test individual project functions on the HMI device without them
being affected by the controller. Controller tags are updated in this case.
You have the option to test all communication-related functions, such as alarms, etc.
Test the operating elements and views of the project.
Transfer project with WinCC flexible
Transfer the executable project from the configuring PC to the HMI device.
You can start the "Transfer" mode manually or automatically on the HMI device.
Transferred data is written directly to the internal flash memory on the HMI device. For the
transfer, you use a data channel which you have to configure before starting a transfer.
You have the option to transfer the compressed project file together with the runtime project
to the HMI device. If necessary, the compressed project file can be transferred back to the
configuring PC and edited.
The HMI device must be equipped with an external memory card to which the compressed
project file can be saved.
Compressed project file
WinCC flexible does not check whether the compressed project file stored on the HMI device
corresponds to the existing runtime project.
MP 277
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