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Commissioning a project
7.5 Transfer project to the HMI device
Starting manual transfer
You can manually switch the HMI device to "Transfer" mode as follows:
● With a configured operating element during ongoing operation.
● In the Loader of the HMI device.
● The project "*.hmi" is opened in WinCC flexible.
● The HMI device is connected to a configuring PC
● The data channel is configured on the HMI device
● The HMI device is in "Transfer" mode
Proceed as follows:
1. On the configuring PC, select the "Transfer settings" command in the menu "Project >
Transfer" in WinCC flexible.
The "Select devices for transfer" dialog opens.
2. Select the HMI device in the left area of the dialog.
3. Select the type of connection between the HMI device and the configuring PC.
Set the connection parameters.
4. Set the transfer parameters in the right area of the dialog.
5. If you wish to transfer the compressed project file together with the runtime project to the
HMI device:
Select the "Enable backtransfer" check box.
6. Start transfer in WinCC flexible with "Transfer".
The configuring PC checks the connection to the HMI device. The project is transferred to
the HMI device. If the connection is not available or is defective, an error message is
displayed on the configuring PC.
When the transfer is completed successfully, the project can be found on the HMI device.
The transferred project is then started automatically.
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MP 277
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