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Operating a project
8.4 Entering values using the touch screen
Formats for numerical values
You can enter values in numerical text boxes based on the following formats:
● Decimal
● Binary
● Hexadecimal
Entry of hexadecimal values
When you enter values in hexadecimal format, the alphanumerical screen keyboard
Limit test of numerical values
Tags can be assigned limits. If you enter a value that lies outside of this limit, it will not be
accepted, for example, 80 with a limit of 78. In this case the HMI device will deliver a system
alarm, if an alarm window is configured. The original value is displayed again.
Decimal places for numerical values
The configuration engineer can define the number of decimal places for a numerical text box.
The number of decimal places is checked when you enter a value in this type of I/O field.
● Decimal places in excess of the limit are ignored.
● Empty decimal places are filled with "0".
MP 277
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