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Operating a project
8.4 Entering values using the touch screen
Entering the date and time
Entering the date and time
Enter the date and time in the same way you enter alphanumerical values.
When entering the date and time, please note that the format is determined by the
configured project language.
See also
Entering and Editing Numerical Values (Page 163)
Entering and editing alphanumerical values (Page 166)
Entering Symbolic Values
Selection list
Operating element for entering symbolic values offer you a list from which you can select the
input values. When you touch a symbolic I/O field on the HMI device touch screen, the
following selection list opens.
Proceed as follows:
1. Touch the required operating element.
The selection list of the operating element opens. Select
selection list.
to scroll in the
2. Touch the required entry in the selection list.
The selected entry is accepted as an entry.
You have changed the symbolic value or entered a new one.
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