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1.8 The HMI device in the operating process
PC/PPI cable
You need the cable to update the operating system with reset to factory settings. You can
also use the cable for data transfer. Connect the PC/PPI cable to the RS 422/RS 485 port.
The cable converts the input signals to RS-232 signals.
Order number: 6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0
Set a lower bit rate if the connection is lost during the operating system update. If you use a
high bit rates, you need to use PC/PPI cable version 3 or higher. The version code is printed
on the cable ("E stand 3," for example, corresponds to version 3).
90° elbow adapter
If space is limited, you can use an elbow adapter at the RS 422/RS 485 interface.
Order number: 6AV6 671-8XD00-0AX0
Clamping frame
IP65 degree of protection or enclosure type 4X/type 12 can be achieved with a clamping
frame even with little material thickness at the mounting cut-out. For additional information,
see Section Preparing for Mounting (Page 38).
Clamping frames are available with the following order numbers:
Clamping frame for HMI device
Order number
MP 277 8" Touch
MP 277 8" Key
MP 277 10" Touch
Service pack
Content of the service package for all HMI devices:
● Mounting seals
● Mounting clips
● Power supply terminal, 2-pin
Order number: 6AV6671-3XA01-0AX1
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02