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1.8 The HMI device in the operating process
The HMI device in the operating process
The HMI device is part of the operating process. The following two phases are key to the
way the HMI device is integrated in the operating process:
● Project design
● Process management
Project design
Visualization of the operating process is known as project design. Project design comprises:
● writing project data
● saving project data
● testing project data
● simulating project data
Project design is undertaken independently of the HMI device and results in a project. Once
this has been generated, the project can be transferred to the HMI device to control the
operating process.
Process management
Process management is marked by two-way communication between HMI device and
controller. This lays the foundations for operator control and monitoring.
The operator can intervene in the operating process on the HMI device for control purposes.
The controller in turn supplies the results of the operating process which are displayed on
the HMI device.
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