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A.3 ESD guideline
The following diagram shows the maximum voltage values to which a person can be
charged electrostatically. The values depend on the material and humidity. The shown
values are in conformity with the specifications of EN 61000-4-2.
Synthetic materials
Antistatic materials such as wood or concrete
Protective measures against discharge of static electricity
Grounding measures
There is no equipotential bonding without grounding. An electrostatic charge is not
discharged and may damage the ESD.
When working with electrostatic sensitive devices, make sure that the person and the
workplace are properly grounded.
Note the following:
● Only touch the ESD if it is absolutely necessary.
● When you touch ESD modules, avoid touching the pins or the PCB tracks.
This precaution reduces the risk of damaging an ESD.
● Discharge electrostatic electricity from your body if you are performing measurements on
an ESD.
To do so, touch a grounded metal object before you carry out the measurement.
● Always use grounded measuring instruments.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02