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Safety instructions and approvals
2.3 Notes about usage
Shipbuilding approvals
The following shipbuilding approvals are in effect for the HMI device:
● BV
● GL
● ClassNK
Notes about usage
Industrial applications
The HMI device is designed for industrial applications. It conforms to the following standards:
● Requirements of the emission standard for industrial environments, EN 61000-6-4: 2007
+ A1:2011
● Requirements for interference immunity EN 61000-6-2:2005
Use in residential areas
The HMI device is not intended for use in residential areas. Operation of an HMI device in
residential areas can have a negative influence on radio/TV reception.
If the HMI device is used in a residential area, you must take measures to achieve Limit
Class B conforming to EN 55016 for RF interference.
Suitable measures for achieving the degree of noise suppression for Limit Class B include,
for example:
● Installation of the HMI device in grounded control cabinets
● Use of filters in electrical supply lines
Individual acceptance is required.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02