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3.3 Preparing for Mounting
Preparing for Mounting
Select the mounting location of the HMI device
Points to observe when selecting the mounting location:
● Position the HMI device so that it is not subjected to direct sunlight.
● Position the HMI device such that it is ergonomically accessible for the user. Choose a
suitable mounting height.
● Ensure that the air vents of the HMI device are not covered as a result of the mounting.
● Observe the permissible mounting positions for the HMI device.
Stability of the mounting cut-out
The material in the area of the mounting cut-out must provide sufficient strength to
guarantee enduring and safe mounting of the HMI device.
The force of the mounting clips or operation of the device may not lead to deformation of
the material in order to achieve the degrees of protection described below.
The material thickness at the mounting cut-out must be at least 1.0 mm.
Degrees of protection
The protection ratings are only ensured if the mounting cutout conforms to the following:
● Permitted deviation from plane at the mounting cutout: ≤ 0.5 mm
This condition must be fulfilled for the mounted HMI device.
● Permissible surface roughness in the area of the seal: ≤ 120 µm (Rz 120)
● With IP65 degree of protection or for enclosure type 4X/type 12 (indoor use only), the
material thickness at the mounting cut-out can be a maximum of 6 mm.
Spring mounting clips or aluminum mounting clips, each with or without clamping frames,
are used depending on the material thickness at the mounting cut-out.
The relationships are shown in the table below:
Material thickness
Spring mounting clips
Aluminum mounting
Clamping frame required
1.0 mm to 1.5 mm
1.5 to 2 mm
2 to 4 mm
4 to 6 mm
The clamping frame is available as an accessory, see section Accessories (Page 16).
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