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Configuring the device
6.6 Changing HMI device settings
Changing Regional Settings
In different countries, for example, the date, time and decimal points are displayed
differently. You can adjust the display format to meet the requirements of different regions.
The country-specific settings apply to the current project. If the project language is changed,
the country-specific settings are also changed.
You have opened the "Regional and Language Settings" dialog box with the
"Regional Settings" icon.
Region selection box
1. Select the region from the selection box.
2. Change to the "Number", "Currency", "Time" and "Date" tabs and set the selection boxes
to the desired settings.
3. Confirm your entries.
The dialog box closes.
The HMI device's regional settings have been changed.
Backing up Registry Information
Backing up registry information and temporary data
You can install and uninstall your own programs on the HMI devices under Windows CE.
You must save the registry settings after installation or uninstallation.
You can save the following data to the flash memory:
● Registry information
● Temporary files
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