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Configuring the device
6.10 Change the communication settings
Change the communication settings
Changing S7 transfer settings
The communication settings between the HMI device and PLC are defined in the HMI device
project. In the following cases, the communication settings might have to be changed:
● The first time the project is transferred
● If changes are made to the project but are only applied later
Transfer mode using MPI/PROFIBUS DP
The changed MP/PROFIBUS DP settings are overwritten in the following cases:
• The project is started.
• A project is transferred
The bus parameters are read from the project currently loaded on the HMI device. You
can change the settings for MPI / PROFIBUS DP transfer. The following steps are
• Close the project.
• Change the settings on the HMI device.
• Then return to "Transfer" mode.
• A project can only be transferred from the configuration PC to the HMI device when at
least one data channel is activated on the HMI device.
• If no DP connection is configured in the project, the data channel is deactivated when
the project is started.
• If the HMI device is in "Transfer" mode while changes are made to the transfer
settings, the settings only go into effect after the transfer function is restarted.
MP 277
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