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Configuring the device
6.11 Configuring network operation
Setting the Proxy Server
You have opened the "Connection" tab in the "Internet Options" dialog box with the
"Internet Options" icon.
Settings for the LAN connection
Settings for the Internet connection
Button to open the "Advanced Proxy Settings" dialog box
1. Activate the "Use LAN (no autodial)" check box.
2. If you use a proxy server, activate the "Access the Internet using a proxy server" check
box in the network group.
Specify the address of the proxy server and the port.
The proxy settings in the Control Panel apply to all applications that are running on the
HMI device. The Pocket Internet Explorer requires independent proxy settings that you
must specify in the properties of the Pocket Internet Explorer.
You can find additional information on the Microsoft website.
3. If you want to bypass the proxy server for local addresses, activate the
"Bypass proxy server for local addresses" check box.
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