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Commissioning a project
7.2 Operating modes
Operating modes
Operating modes
The HMI device may be in the following operating modes:
● Offline
● Online
● Transfer
"Offline mode" and "Online mode" can be set on both the configuring PC and the HMI
device. To set these modes on the HMI device, use a corresponding operating element of
the project.
Changing the operating mode
The configuration engineer must have configured an appropriate operating element to allow
a change of the operating mode on the HMI device during ongoing operation.
Further information on this may be available in your plant documentation
"Offline" operating mode
In this mode, there is no communication between the HMI device and PLC. Although the
HMI device can be operated, it cannot exchange data with the PLC.
"Online" operating mode
In this mode, the HMI device and PLC communicate. You can operate the plant on the HMI
device according to your system configuration.
"Transfer" mode
In this mode, you can transfer a project from the configuring PC to the HMI device or backup
and restore HMI device data, for example.
The following options are available for setting "Transfer" mode on the HMI device:
● When the HMI device starts up
Start "Transfer" mode manually in the HMI device Loader.
● During ongoing operation
Start the "Transfer" mode manually within the project using an operating element. The
HMI device toggles to "Transfer" mode when automatic mode is set and a transfer is
initiated on the configuring PC.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02