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Commissioning a project
7.5 Transfer project to the HMI device
Testing a project
There are two options to test a project:
● Test the project on the configuration PC
You can test a project on a configuration PC, using a simulator. You can find more
detailed information on this in the WinCC online help.
● Offline testing of the project on the HMI device
Offline testing means that communication between the HMI device and the controller is
down while the test is being carried out.
● Online testing of the project on the HMI device
Online testing means that the HMI device and the controller communicate with each other
during testing.
Perform the tests, starting with the "Offline test", followed by the "Online test".
You should always test the project on the HMI device on which the project will be used.
Check the following:
1. Check the correct layout of the screens
2. Check the screen navigation
3. Check the input objects
4. Enter the tag values
The test increases the certainty that the project will run error-free on the HMI device.
Requirement for offline testing
● The project has been transferred to the HMI device.
● The HMI device is in "Offline" mode.
In "Offline" mode, you can test individual project functions on the HMI device without them
being affected by the controller. Controller tags, therefore, are not updated.
Test the operating elements and visualization of the project as far as possible without
connection to the controller.
MP 277
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