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Operating a project
8.1 Overview
Risk of damage to the touch screen
Do not use pointed or sharp objects to operate the touch screen. Otherwise, you can
damage the plastic membrane of the touch screen.
The following paragraphs provide instructions for operating a project with the touch screen
and the keyboard.
Operating a project with an external keyboard
An external keyboard can be used to operate a project in exactly the same way as with the
HMI keyboard or screen keyboard.
The function keys of the external keyboard are disabled.
Use the other keys of the external keyboard, which correspond to the HMI device keys in the
Operating a project with an external mouse
The project can be operated with an external mouse in exactly the same way as with the
HMI touch screen. Click the described operating elements with the mouse.
Unintentional actions
Unintentional actions possible
Do not carry out several operations simultaneously. You may otherwise trigger
unintentional actions.
• With touch control:
Always touch only one operating element on the screen.
• With key control:
Do not press more than two keys simultaneously.
Observing the plant documentation
Some operations with the project may require in-depth knowledge about the specific plant on
the part of the operator. Proceed with caution, for example, when you use jog mode. Refer to
your plant documentation to find any available additional information on this topic.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02