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"Transfer" mode
The "Transfer" operating mode is an operating mode of the HMI device in which an
executable project is transferred from the configuration PC to an HMI device.
Acknowledgment of an alarm confirms that it has been noted.
Alarm logging
Output of user-specific alarms to a printer, in parallel to their output to the HMI device
Alarm, acknowledgment
Acknowledgment of an alarm confirms that it has been noted.
Automation system
An automation system is a PLC of the SIMATIC S7 series, for example SIMATIC S7-300
Boot loader
The boot loader is used to start the operating system and is started automatically after power
on of the HMI device. The loader is displayed after the operating system has loaded.
Configuration PC
A configuration PC is a programming device or PC on which plant projects are created using
an engineering software.
Configuration software
Configuration software is used to create projects used for the purpose of process
visualization. WinCC flexible is such a configuration software, for example.
PLC is a general term for devices and systems with which the HMI device communicates,
e.g. SIMATIC S7.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02