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Installing and connecting the device
4.3 Connecting the HMI device
Below are examples of devices you can connect to the USB port of the HMI device:
● Mouse
● Keyboard
● Printer
● Industrial USB Hub 4
● USB memory devices
● Barcode reader
USB mouse and USB keyboard for commissioning only
Connect a USB mouse or USB keyboard only for commissioning and servicing purposes to
the USB port.
Functional problem with USB port
If you connect an external device with a 230 V power supply to the USB port without using
an non-insulated installation, you may experience functional problems.
Use a non-insulated system design.
Rated load of the interface
Malfunctions may occur on a USB device that presents an electrical overload on the port.
Adhere to the values for the maximum load on the USB port.
See also
Connecting the Power Supply (Page 48)
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MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02