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Installing and connecting the device
4.5 Securing the cables
The Loader appears again.
When restarting the system, a project may already be loaded on the HMI device. The system
then skips "Transfer" mode and starts the project.
Use the relevant operating element to close the project.
Refer to your plant documentation to find any available additional information on this topic.
Function test
Perform a function test following commissioning. The HMI device is fully functional when one
of the following states is indicated:
● The "Transfer" dialog is displayed.
● The loader is displayed.
● A project is started.
Shutting down the HMI device
Terminate the project at the HMI device before switching it off.
You have the following options for switching off the HMI device:
● Switch off the power supply.
● Remove the mains terminal from the HMI device.
Securing the cables
After the power-on test, to ensure strain relief, use cable ties to secure the connected cables
to the marked fixing elements.
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02