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Configuring the device
6.3 Control Panel
● External USB keyboard
An external keyboard can be used to operate the Control Panel in exactly the same way
as the HMI device keyboard. Use the keys of the external keyboard which correspond to
the HMI device keys in the description.
● External USB mouse
The Control Panel can be operated with an external mouse in exactly the same way as
with the HMI touch screen. Click the described operating elements with the mouse.
Entries using the touch screen
The Control Panel is operated with the touch screen of the HMI device.
1. Close the project.
Use the provided operating element. The loader is displayed.
2. Open the Control Panel by pressing the "Control Panel" button.
3. To open the required dialog, double-click its symbol.
4. Change as required by touching the tab.
5. Now make the necessary changes.
Touch the respective input object to make entries.
– Use the screen keyboard of the HMI device to enter the new values in the text boxes.
– Touch a button to operate it.
– Touch the selection box to open a drop down list box. Touch the required entry from
the drop down list box.
– Touch the check box to activate or deactivate a check box.
– Touch a radio button to select it.
6. Confirm the selection with the
button or abort the entries with the
The dialog box closes.
7. Close the Control Panel with the
8. Start the project by pressing the "Start" button in the Loader.
Input with the screen keyboard
A screen keyboard is available for data input. The screen keyboard is displayed as soon as
you touch a text box. You can also call up the screen keyboard directly from the Control
MP 277
Operating Instructions, 07/2014, A5E02479740-02