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Teledyne LeCroy
Trigger Filter Settings in Easy Mode
Figure 2.79: Default Trigger Snapshot Mode Selected
Manual Trigger
In the Manual Trigger mode, the analyzer captures bus traffic continually from when you use the Manual Trigger until you click the Stop Hardware button (on the analyzer toolbar), which triggers the analyzer.
See “Timer” on page 72 for more information.
Defining Patterns
The definition of patterns for the sequential trigger mode is identical to the Pattern mode, with the following exception: In sequential triggering mode, all the pattern dialogs display the option for setting to count the expected number of occurrences on each link. This allows you to specify the number of times that the pattern must occur before triggering or proceeding in the trigger sequence.
Figure 2.80: Number of Occurrences
Note: The Events on each link are counted independently, causing a trigger whenever the number of occurrences on any link equals the specified value.
You can set the amount of data to capture before and after the trigger, as a percentage of pre‐trigger, between 0% and 100%. Position the pre‐trigger slider to a percentage. This feature allows the evaluation of bus activity leading up to and after the triggering Event. Figure 2.81: illustrates the operation of pre‐trigger in data memory.
Pre‐trigger data is capture of the specified percentage of data prior to the triggering Event. It cannot be guaranteed and may be 0. This can occur when the triggering Event occurs before storing the required amount of pre‐trigger Event data. In such a case, the data display shows fewer than the specified data points prior to the triggering Event.
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