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Teledyne LeCroy
The Zoom Out button on the View Toolbar scales the data display area to display more data lines on the screen. Clicking this button in Column or Text View decreases column width only.
The Filter button on the View Toolbar opens the Filter dialog (see “Filtering” on page 138.)
The Port Filters button provides a popup that enables you to quickly filter traffic by port in the Spreadsheet View. See “Port Status Pane” on page 58.
The Show/Hide Idles button toggles between hiding and showing idles. Setup Toolbar
The Setup toolbar is used to set preferences.
The Preferences button displays the Preferences dialog (see “Preferences” on page 40.)
Status Bar
The Status bar is located at the bottom of the main display window. Depending on the current activity, the bar can be divided into as many as four segments. 3.3.11
Search Status
The right most segment displays the current search direction: Fwd (forward) or Bwd (backward). Change the search direction from the Search Menu or double‐click the Search Status segment. 3.4
The Filtering menu and options allow you to modify data in the trace viewer display to exclude packets with a set of user‐defined patterns and show the results in all views.
To set up filtering, you must have a viewer display open.
Filter Setup
To display the Quick Filter dialog (see Figure 3.33 on page 139), click the drop‐down arrow of the Filter button on the toolbar or select View > Hide/Show. When Filter criteria are set, click the funnel icon on the Filter button to toggle the filters on and off.
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