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Teledyne LeCroy
InFusion Scenarios
The Global Rules are all you need for simple test Scenarios. However, a Scenario also can contain one or two sequences, which can define multiple states and allow branching between states. With a sequence, you also can do looping, which allows you to repeat a test state or to execute a test for a specified period of time.
As with Global Rules, the menu‐driven interface guides you in building a sequence. Some of the prompts are different, however, because you now are encapsulating groups of Events and Actions as distinct states. Recall that a state is a combination of Events and Actions at a specific point in time. If the Event or Combined Event defined by a state occurs, the corresponding Action or set of Actions follows. You can enter multiple Actions, which take place simultaneously. If one of the Actions is Stop Scenario, the other Actions are carried out. To stop the Scenario after the requested Actions have been carried out, you should branch to a new state which stops the Scenario. InFusion hardware provides the capacity to have up to two sequences co‐existing in a Scenario in addition to the Global Rules. Recall that both the Global Rules and any sequences are active at all times. Each is a separate “state machine,” having the behavior of a particular test state at any point in time. Because the Global Rules has the capacity for only one state, you can view it as a “degenerative state machine.”
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