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Desktop application
4.4 Settings for synchronization (Read 4.3.7 to create new Device user)
The transactions created in SplashMoney can be,
Automatically uploaded to Quicken 99 or later for Windows.
Exported in QIF format for importing into Microsoft Money, Quicken 98 or earlier for
Windows or Quicken for Macintosh (or) exported in CSV format for viewing with a
spreadsheet, database or word processor.
Exported in QIF format and then imported into SplashMoney from Quicken, Microsoft
Money or an online bank.
) You must open the Windows Mobile at least once for Synchronization to happen.
4.4.1 Synchronizing Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop
To synchronize the data in the SplashMoney application on Windows Desktop and Windows
1. Connect the Windows
Mobile to the PC with the
USB Cable. Ensure that the
Figure 36 Microsoft ActiveSync screen
2. Open the SplashMoney application on Windows Desktop.
3. From the Sync menu on the SplashMoney desktop window (Refer to Figure 35), click on the
Start Sync option. The SplashMoney Synchronization screen is displayed.
Figure 37 SplashMoney Synchronization screen
SplashMoney on Windows Mobile