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Desktop application
4.5 Import/Export options
The Import/Export option on Windows Desktop facilitates the following:
Importing the QIF, OFX and CSV file formats into the Windows Desktop.
Exporting to the QIF or CSV file formats in order to transfer the data to other applications.
Description of the file formats:
File Format
It is the old Quicken format. Quicken 2005 exports to this format
but does not import it.
Open Financial Exchange is the standard, recently adopted by
Quicken, Microsoft Money, and many US online banks. OFX is
also known as QFX (Quicken).
Comma Separated Values is a widely supported text format that is
opened in spreadsheets such as Excel, and text editors such as
Notepad and Text Edit.
4.5.1 Exporting data from Windows Mobile to Windows Desktop
To export data from Windows Mobile to the desktop,
1. Connect the smartphone to the PC with the USB Cable. Ensure that the Microsoft
ActiveSync screen displays as Connected.
2. Open the SplashMoney application on Windows Desktop.
3. From the Sync menu on the SplashMoney desktop window (Refer to Figure 35), click on the
Start Sync option. The SplashMoney Synchronization screen is displayed. (Refer to
Figure 37)
4. Click on the Sync Settings option. The SplashMoney ActiveSync Settings dialog is
displayed. (Refer to Figure 38).
6. Select the 3rd Party apps via Import/Export option from the Synchronize with field.
SplashMoney on Windows Mobile