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User Manual
You may save the default material set to use them as defaults in other projects. By now it
does not matter what you choose since this is a toy project. Press OK and SONarchitect will
ask you for the first plan details (name, height, and repetitions). You can change these at
any time later. By now let us call "General" the first plan, 3 m high, and just one repetition.
Then you will access the drawing canvas and tools. Let us start!
Find the Plans button
and press it. A panel will appear on the left with the Plan list
and Tracing (imported templates) plans. Here you can create new plans, copy them to create
similar floors, change their order in the building, etc. Buildings in SONarchitect are
composed by floors which are created from repetitions of plans.
We will begin by drawing a first floor that we have called "General", 3 m high, and which will
appear in the building only once. The drawing mode must be active. Click
Select the Pen tool
and draw an horizontal line in the lower part of the screen. To do
that, click and release the left mouse button to start the line and then move the mouse to
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