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User Manual
Thus, for instance, if you want to design an inner courtyard, you also need to virtualize the
roof in the last floor repetition, and you must use the 3D virtualization tool
in the 3D
. You also need this tool to virtualize any slabs between adjacent floors with
different plans.
Select now Walls in the material list. The plan scheme changes to show the vertical
elements of the building, in the color of the corresponding default solution you have chosen
at the beginning of the project. Now select Wall lining. The representation changes to show
the wall linings of the building. When in light gray, no linings have been assigned yet. You
may want to assign some or change the walls materials. To do that, just select the walls or
linings, browse the catalog and press “Assign”. Browse the different Subtypes and Catalogs
through the lists in the Right Panel. If you are using the Demo version you will see only a few
materials available, but enough to play with the toy building.
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