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The champion is never hard to find on the battlefield, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with allies,
shouting encouragement with robust conviction that leads enemies to despair.
Templars are the bane of an errant spellcaster, neutralizing enemy mages’ most dangerous
abilities so that the party can close for the kill.
Reavers are genuine terrors, masochists who flirt with their own death in the hopes of ushering in
that of their enemies.
Arcane Warrior
The arcane warrior is a mage of unconventional means, forsaking the obvious power of direct
magical attacks in favor of becoming an elite combatant with conventional weapons.
Blood Mage
The blood mage is a student of forbidden ancient magic that depends less on lyrium or mana than
on the pure essence of life. Their spells are ugly weapons, but powerful in the extreme, able to
control the wills of others.
Studied in the arts of transformation, the shapeshifter is never the adversary that enemies
expected they would face.
Spirit Healer
The spirit healer is never rushed, preferring eventual but certain triumph, bolstered by nearly
indomitable allies, over flashy demonstrations of offensive power.