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GEM2xxx Operation Manual
Please Note: Clear functions in the instrument affect both GEM and GA modes of instrument operation.
Upon selecting a memory type to clear, and clicking OK, a prompt will appear to confirm the selected action.
Answer Yes to perform the action.
Answer No or Cancel to return to the clear memory dialog.
Instrument Settings
The LANDTEC System Gas Analyzer Manager software allows users to change many of the operational
settings of the instrument. To view and change the available settings click on the Instrument
Configuration tab.
In the Instrument Configuration user interface, there is an Instrument Settings option tree. The Instrument
Settings tree allows for easy navigation to the following categories:
 Alarm Settings
 Data Logging
 Date/Time Settings
 Misc Options
 Units of Measurement
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REV C2 (English) LANDTEC Release Date: November 30th, 2010