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GEM2xxx Operation Manual
Automatically purge instrument
Activates and deactivates the automatic purge feature in the instrument
Automatically zero instrument
Activates and deactivates the automatic zero feature in the instrument
Show LEL on Instrument readings screen
Specifies whether or not Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) is displayed on screen, power instrument off and on
for change to take effect.
Low Flow Warning
Specifies the point at which the instrument will ―Flow Fail‖. If the instrument detects that it is not able to
extract the appropriate gas flow for analysis the word ―Flow‖ will flash in the upper left part of the screen
where the pump timer is normally shown. If flow does not increase the pump will automatically be stopped.
Adjusting the setting to ―Low‖ will allow the pump to run with less flow going through the instrument. This
may help avoid flow fail conditions when sampling from high vacuum systems.
Purge Time
Specifies the duration the pump will run when activated by the purge feature of the instrument.
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REV C2 (English) LANDTEC Release Date: November 30th, 2010