Download Gigaset S790 - User Manual

Gigaset S790-S795 / en Großbritannien / A31008-M2102-L101-2-7619 / / 29.03.2010
First steps
First battery charge and discharge
The correct charge level can only be displayed if the batteries are first fully charged
and discharged.
¤ Charge the handset for 8.5 hours in the base/
¤ Then remove the handset
8.5 hrs
from the base/charger and
do not replace it until the
batteries are fully discharged.
Please note
u After the first battery charge and discharge, you may replace your handset in
the base/charger after every call.
u Always repeat the charging and discharging procedure if you remove the
batteries from the handset and reinsert them.
u The batteries may warm up during charging. This is not dangerous.
u After a while, the charge capacity of the batteries will decrease for technical
Version 4.1, 21.11.2007