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Bluetooth wireless communication function
eliminates the need for cables between electronic
devices such as computers, printers and mobile
phones. When it is enabled, Bluetooth will
provide the wireless personal area network
environment which is safe and trustworthy, that is
quick and easy.
Wireless LAN
The tablet is equipped with a Wireless LAN/
Bluetooth combo module that is compatible with
other Wireless LAN systems based on Direct
Sequence Spread Spectrum/Orthogonal
Frequency Division Multiplexing radio technology
that complies with the IEEE 802.11 Standard.
Using the tablet for the first time
This section provides basic information about how to start using your tablet.
It covers below steps followed by the details.
Connecting the AC adaptor
Turning on the power
Initial Setup
Turning off the power
Use a virus-check program and make sure it is updated regularly.
Never format storage media without checking its content - formatting
destroys all stored data.
It is a good idea to periodically backup internal storage of the tablet to
an external media. General storage media is not durable or stable
over long periods of time and under certain conditions may result in
data loss.
Connecting the AC adaptor
Some models are equipped with AC adaptor.
When battery power becomes low, you must charge it.
Use only the tablet connected to an AC power source to charge the battery.
Never attempt to charge the battery with any other charger.
The AC adaptor can automatically adjust to any voltage ranging from 100
to 240 volt and to a frequency of either 50 or 60 hertz, enabling you to use
this product in almost any country/region. The adaptor converts AC power
to DC power and reduces the voltage supplied to this tablet.
User's Manual