Download AT7-B User`s Manual

Never turn off the power while an application is running. Doing so
could cause loss of data.
Never turn off / disconnect the power , or remove external storage
media during data read/write. Doing so can cause data loss.
Turn off or remove any peripheral devices connected to the tablet.
Press & hold Power button for two seconds and select Power off and
then OK to turn off the tablet.
In any emergency case, you can also press & hold Power button for
about 6 seconds to force power off.
Do not turn the tablet back on immediately - wait a short period to
avoid any potential damage.
Turning the LCD off/on
You can turn the LCD off (while the system is still running) in one of the
following ways:
To turn it off manually: Press Power button.
To turn it off automatically: Set the sleep timeout in Settings app.
To turn the LCD on:
Press Power button once again.
Unlocking your screen
After turning on the LCD, the screen remains locked. You can unlock the
screen in the following way:
Press & hold the lock icon (
) and slide it across the unlock icon (
If you have set up a screen lock other than Slide, the method of unlocking
the screen will be different. See Security section for other ways to protect
your tablet and privacy.
Care and use of the battery
This section provides the important safety precautions in order to handle
your battery properly.
Refer to the enclosed Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort for
detailed precautions and handling instructions.
The lithium ion battery can explode if not handled or disposed of
properly. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or
User's Manual