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Work with pictures/videos
After opening a picture or a video, you can work with it as follows:
Share photo or video: Tap
to send the photo or video in a
message, transfer it using Bluetooth, email, or post it online.
Tap the icon (
) on a photo screen to see details, delete, slideshow,
edit, crop, or set as a contact photo or wallpaper. When tap it on a
video screen, you will see details and can delete and trim your video
depending on the video/audio codec.
The Google Play™ Music App
You can use the Google Play Music app to organize and listen to music
and other audio files that are in your tablet or SD card.
The app supports a wide variety of audio files formats so it can play music
that you purchase from online stores, or copied from external storage and
so on. For the details of supported formats, please refer to in this chapter.
To open the Google Play Music app screen, tap All Apps -> Play Music.
A screen requring you to sign in with a Google™ account will appear. You
can tap Add account to sign in or tap Not now to skip.
You can tap
to choose to open Listen Now, My Library or Playlists
By tapping
, you can choose the music from All music or On device.
Playing music
You can listen to music by using your tablet’s built-in speakers.
To play music:
Tap a song in your library to listen to it.
Working with playlists
You can create playlists to organize your music files into sets of songs,
which you can play in the order you set or in a shuffle.
To create a playlist you can add the songs that are playing by tapping
beside the song and tapping Add to playlist.
Choose an existing playlist, or tap New playlist to create a new playlist.
People gives you quick and easy access to the people you want to get in
contact with. Information about your contacts is shared with other
applications, such as Gallery (for sharing photos and videos) and so on.
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