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Chapter 3 BIOS Setup
This chapter introduces BIOS setup information.
Power on or reboot the system board, when screen appears message as “Press DEL
to enter SETUP“. Press <DEL> key to run BIOS SETUP Utility.
Note: The BIOS configuration for reference only, it may subject to change without
prior notice.
3.1 Main Menu
Please use arrow keys to select item, then press <Enter> key to accept or enter the
Phoenix – AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility
Standard CMOS Features
Frequency / Voltage Control
Advanced BIOS Features
Load Fail-Safe Defaults
Advanced Chipset Features
Load Optimized Defaults
Integrated Peripherals
Set Supervisor Password
Power Management Setup
Set User Password
PnP/PCI Configurations
Save & Exit Setup
PC Health Status
Exit Without Saving
Esc : Quit
↑↓ ← → : Select Item
F10 : Save & Exit Setup
Time, Date, Hard Disk Type…
WMBX-3011-5252 User Manual