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Files and Projects
Fixed Standard Directories
Fixed standard directories are permanently defined in the software and
cannot be changed by the operator. The software accesses these directories automatically.
File type
Fixed standard directory
(sub-folder in the installation path)
Calibration data and calibration
cylinder data
Online helps
Changing the Variable Standard Directory
Click in the desired line (Fig. 8-9) on the
Select another directory for this file type in the next dialog box.
Alternatively you can also enter the new path directly in the input line.
New folders are automatically created by the software (after a prompt)
after closing the dialog box.
If you want to change several directories, click on [Transfer], then the
dialog box stays open. Then confirm the inputs with [OK].
Managing Projects and Files
Creating a New Project
Click in the file tree with the right mouse button on an empty position
or an existing project folder and select the New Project command.
Then enter a name for the project and click on [OK]. A new project
folder of this name is created in the file tree and the project automatically becomes the currently active project.
Note the restrictions of the operating system with respect to the
length and special characters of filenames!
Deleting Projects and Files
Click in the file tree with the right mouse button on a project folder or a
file and select the Delete command or use the [Del] key on the PC
You can delete saved setting files (templates), all measurements and
project folders.
The active project cannot be deleted directly. Set another project active and then delete the desired project.
Virtual folders for grouping files of the same type (e.g. radial measurements) cannot be deleted either. They are only shown when files
of this type are created.
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