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Web Configuration
HT-342 User Manual
defined as 1,0,500,500,0,0,0,0,400,0,0,0,10,0,0,0.
PSTN Has Line Reversal – When this parameter is enabled, the HT-342 enables the fast
start channel in H.323 or the Early Media channel in SIP to monitor when the called party
answers the call. This feature is commonly used to achieve more accurate billings for
calls to the PSTN line.
3.3.2 Network Configuration
This page configures the network interface for LAN Port and PC Port.
LAN Port – The LAN port is intended for internet access. It is normally connected to a network
device (router or ADSL modem) which has internet access. The following 3 modes are
available for selection.
DHCP – This mode should be selected If the network device functions as a DHCP host,
This allows the DEVICE to obtain all related network information / settings from the DHCP
Static IP – This mode sets the LAN port IP manually which can either be a public or
private IP. Other network settings (Subnet Mask, Default Route, Primary DNS,
Secondary DNS) should also be entered accordingly.
Release 1.0