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Configuring the Operating System
6.8 Configuring Network Operation
The use of TCP/IP addresses to address PCs is not supported by the operating system.
Consult your network administrator if you have questions in this regard.
Printing via a Network Printer
The HMI device's operating system does not support line by line alarm logging via a network
printer. All other printer functions, such as printing hardcopies or logs, are possible via the
network without restriction.
Before beginning the configuration, request the following network parameters from your
network administrator.
• Does the network use DHCP for dynamic assignment of network addresses?
If not, get a new TCP/IP network address for the HMI device.
• TCP/IP address of the default gateway
• Address of the name server in a DNS network
• Addresses of the name server in a WINS network
General Procedure for Configuring the Network
The HMI device must be configured prior to network operation. The configuration is basically
divided into the following steps:
Proceed as follows:
1. Set the computer name of the HMI device.
2. Configure the network address.
3. Set the logon information.
4. Save the settings.
5. Restart the HMI device once the network is configured.
If your network address is assigned automatically:
Before switching the HMI device on, insert the network cable in the corresponding port. A
unique IP address for the HMI device is assigned during startup.
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TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
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