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Operating a Project
8.9 Operating the Trend View
Operating the Trend View
Trends continuously display the current process data or process data from a log.
Trend view
Trends are displayed in the Trend view. A Trend view can display several trends
Figure 8-8
Trend view, example
Trend value in the value table
Layout and Operation
The layout and operation of the Trend view depends on the configuration. The configuration
engineer defines the following:
• Appearance of the Trend view, the axes, value ranges and labels.
• Operating options of the Trend view
• Limit values for the trend values
• The change of color of the trend in the event of limit violation
Further information on this may be available in your plant documentation.
Value Table
The trend values can be read from the value table if this is configured.
• When the ruler is displayed, the trend values are shown at a position of the ruler in the
value table.
• When the ruler is hidden, the latest trend values are displayed in the value table.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
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