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Operating a Project
8.11 Operating the [email protected] View
Operating the [email protected] View
The [email protected] view enables you to monitor and remotely operate the current project of a
remote HMI device. With the correct configuration, several democratic HMI devices can
access a remote HMI device.
If another HMI device accesses your HMI device via the [email protected] view, this leads to an
additional load on your HMI device.
In the [email protected] view, the remote HMI is displayed with the complete layout.
Depending on the configuration, you can monitor and also operate this screen.
You can also operate the function keys like buttons on an HMI device with a touch screen.
Monitoring Mode
On a [email protected] view which is configured for monitoring mode, you can only monitor the
remote HMI device. You cannot control its operation.
It is not possible to operate the direct keys of the remote HMI device from the local HMI
The available operator controls depend on the HMI devices used:
• Same type of HMI devices
You can operate the project of the remote HMI device with the operator controls of your
HMI device.
• Key operation from a local touch screen
All the keys of the remote HMI device are displayed as buttons on the touch screen. You
can also touch them to operate them.
• Touch operation from a local HMI device using keys
You operate the buttons in the usual manner.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
Operating Instructions, 09/2007, 6AV6691-1DH01-0AB0