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Operating a Project
8.11 Operating the [email protected] View
Touch Operation
Operator Control Options
The [email protected] view can be operated as follows:
• Starting remote control
• Forcing permission
• Ending remote control
Procedure – Starting Remote Operation
Proceed as follows:
1. On the HMI device change to the screen with the [email protected] view.
The following options are available for establishing the connection to the remote HMI
– The connection is established automatically.
– The connection must be established by touching the appropriate button.
Depending on the configuration, you may be required to enter the address of the
remote HMI device and a password.
2. The current screen of the project running on the remote device is displayed on the screen
of your HMI device.
3. You can now monitor and control this screen depending on your configuration.
Scroll bars are displayed if the screen of the remote HMI device is larger than that of the
current HMI device.
Procedure - Forcing Permissions
If several HMI devices have access to a HMI device, only one HMI device has operating
permission at any one time.
Two cases must be distinguished for this case:
• If another HMI device is already controlling the remote HMI device, if configured
accordingly, you can force operating permission for the remote HMI device.
– You are trying to operate the remote HMI device.
– A dialog appears in which you are prompted to enter the appropriate password for
forcing remote control.
– You are now authorized to operate the remote HMI device.
• If another HMI device is accessing your HMI device via the [email protected] view, you can
force local operating permission for your HMI device.
– Touch the screen of your HMI device five times consecutively.
– You are given permission to operate your local HMI device.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
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