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Operating a Project
8.11 Operating the [email protected] View
Procedure – Ending Remote Control
You can end monitoring and control of a remote HMI device with one of the following
methods depending on the configuration:
• Touch a button configured for this action.
• Exit the screen containing the [email protected] view.
• If configured, a menu is displayed after you have touched an empty space over a longer
period. Touch the menu item "Close".
Further information on this may be available in your plant documentation.
Keyboard Control
Operator Control Options
The [email protected] view can be operated as follows:
• Starting remote control
• Forcing permission
• Ending remote control
Procedure – Starting Remote Operation
Proceed as follows:
1. On the HMI device change to the screen with the [email protected] view.
The following options are available for establishing the connection to the remote HMI
– The connection is established automatically.
– Press
until the [email protected] view is selected.
Depending on the configuration, you may be required to enter the address of the
remote HMI device and a password.
The connection is established. The current screen of the project running on the remote
device is displayed on the screen of your HMI device.
2. You can now monitor and control this screen depending on your configuration.
3. Scroll bars are displayed if the screen of the remote HMI device is larger than that of the
current HMI device. Move the scroll bars in the desired direction using
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
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