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Operating a Project
8.12 Project Security
Project Security
Design of the Security System
The configuration engineer can protect the operation of a project by implementing a security
The security system is based on authorizations, user groups and users.
If operator controls protected by a password are operated, the HMI device first requests that
you log on. A logon screen is displayed in which you enter your user name and password.
After logging on, you can operate the operator controls for which you have the necessary
The logon dialog can be set up by the configuration engineer via an individual operator
In the same way, the configuration engineer can set up an operator control to log off. After
logging off, objects assigned password protection can no longer be operated; to do so, log
on again.
Further information on this may be available in your plant documentation.
User Groups and Permissions
Project-specific user groups are created by the configuration engineer. The "Administrators"
and "PLC User" groups are included in all projects by default. User groups are assigned
permissions. Permission required for an operation is specifically defined for each individual
object and function in the project.
Users and Passwords
Each user is assigned to exactly one user group.
The following people are allowed to create users and assign them passwords:
• The configuration engineer during configuration
• The administrator on the HMI device
• A user with user management permission on the HMI device
Irrespective of the user group, each user is allowed to change his own password.
Logoff Times
A logoff time is specified in the system for each user. If the time between any two user
actions, such as entering a value or changing screens, exceeds this logoff time, the user is
automatically logged off. The user must then log on again to continue to operate objects
assigned password protection.
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