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Operating a Project
8.12 Project Security
Backup and Restore
The user data is encrypted and saved on the HMI device to protect it from loss due to power
The users, passwords, group assignments and logoff times set up on the HMI device can be
backed up and restored. This prevents you having to enter all of the data again on another
HMI device.
The currently valid user data is overwritten in the following cases:
• Depending on the transfer settings, when the project is transferred again.
• Upon restore of a backed-up project.
• Upon import of the user administration via an operator control. Further information on this
may be available in your plant documentation.
The retransferred or restored user data and passwords are valid with immediate effect.
Limits for Users, Password and User Views
Number of characters
Length of user name, maximum
Length of password, minimum
Length of password, maximum
Entry in user view, maximum
User View
The user view is used to display the users on the HMI device.
• All users on the HMI device are displayed in the user view to the administrator or to a
user with administrator permissions.
• If you are a user without user management permission, you can only see your personal
user entry.
The permissions of a user after logging on depends on the user group to which the user is
Further information on this may be available in your plant documentation.
The configuration engineer can implement simple or enhanced user view.
The two user views offer the same functions. They differ only in the display of information.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
Operating Instructions, 09/2007, 6AV6691-1DH01-0AB0