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Operating a Project
8.12 Project Security
Simple User View
If you are not logged on to the HMI device, the only entry contained in the simple user view
is "<ENTER>".
If you are logged on to the HMI device, the simple user view only displays the user name
and user group.
Enhanced User View
The enhanced user view displays information about the users.
The enhanced user view contains the following columns:
• User
• Password
• Group
• Logoff time
The passwords are encrypted by appear as asterisks.
User Logon
Logon Dialog
Use the logon dialog to log on to the security system of the HMI device. Enter your user
name and password in the logon dialog.
TP 277, OP 277 (WinCC flexible)
Operating Instructions, 09/2007, 6AV6691-1DH01-0AB0