Download Model 8806 8808 USER`S MANUAL

6. Using On-Screen Menu
Menu Descriptions & Functions [Information]
Displays the lamp and the projector usage hours, the status of the current signal and settings and LAN settings. This
dialog box has seven pages.
The information included are as follows:
[Usage Time]
Lamp Life Remaining (%)
Lamp Hours Used (H)
Filter Hours Used (H)
Projector Hours Used (H)
NOTE: The progress indicator shows the percentage of remaining lamp life. The value informs you of the amount of lamp, filter and
projector usage respectively.
• When the remaining lamp time reaches 0, the Lamp Life Remaining bar indicator changes from 0% to 100 Hours and the countdown starts.
If lamp life remaining time reaches 0 hours, the projector will not turn on regardless of whether the lamp mode is set to Normal
or Eco.
• The message to the effect that the lamp should be replaced will be displayed for one minute when the projector is turned on or off.
To dismiss this message, press any button on the projector or the remote control.