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Compare Value
The value against which to compare the Field value.
Events To List
The set of possible events to list for the Event List Subset field. The listed
events are the intersection of the events of each session and the supplied
list for the column. To add or remove events, click the Add or Remove
buttons above the list.
Configuring an Event Column in a Session List Template:
You can configure the event icons displayed in a session list column. When an
event list subset column is added to a session list template, you can provide
parameters on the events for which you can search.
v In the session list, users can review details on the event.
1. In the Session List Templates tab, select the template to edit or create a new
2. Select the event column to edit, or create a new one.
Figure 11. Configure Session List Column
From the Field drop-down, select Event List Subset.
Use the + and - buttons to add or remove events from the list.
Save the column.
Add the column to the template, if necessary.
Save the template.
cxReveal Administration Manual